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Designing and engineering Smart Solutions for today’s business leaders.
We specialize in research, strategy, design and development for innovative human centered experiences.

Our Mission

Our mission at OpelMedia is to enhance everyone's digital & retail experience by providing business leaders with innovative solutions. We take that mission seriously, and strive to accomplish it better each day.As the speed of change is throwing traditional business methods into question and disrupting the relevance of entire industries. We believe that the custom solutions we create today will transcend the trends of tomorrow. No matter your product or service, you have a story to tell. And, we’re the best partner to tell it.

Our Values

Commitment to Excellence

Quality over quantity. Sounds cheesy, we know. But we always strive to do our best work with every new project we take and dedicate our time, efforts for stunning experiences to unfold.With creativity and strategy, perfect is good enough for us. You too, right?

Better, not Bigger

Big agency networks, big teams with lots of people, and having offices all over the world doesn’t make an agency better or necessarily lead to better outcomes. Our goal is to get better, not bigger. We believe in the primacy of ideas, but a decade of experience has taught us that human connections matter now more than ever.

Fun is an absolute must

We love what we do and feel grateful for the team that we have gathered. This allows us to enjoy every new day and transfer these good emotions and vibes to our clients and partners. Our goal is to create great brands, but, in many ways, our job is far simpler: it’s to make you look good.

Our Team



Business Operations
Expert brand consultant with almost 11 years experience creating, growing and optimizing brands. Harnessing technology to drive real one-to-one personalized marketing for higher marketing returns and customer satisfaction. My goal is to build the best team, focus on what matters, grow and win!


Project Manager & Growth Ops
I have help people build businesses, brands, product go-to-market plans and teams across very cluttered and fast-moving categories. Responsible for building a clear picture for ownable market position with latest tech solutions. I believe in people. You must connect, enable, inspire, nourish and build trust with everyone.


Cyber Security Expert
Information Security Enthusiast, trainer and consultant. I always strive for the up to date knowledge about various information security domains. Expert in forensics audits, fraud investigations and evidence gathering cases. I also collaborate on the technical design and roll-out of new products and solutions.

What are we different about?

We love to work. And we love to work really hard. Why? Because we see the purpose and we have a passion in doing that things. It doesn’t mean things we do are easy and always funny. It doesn’t. We know that BIG things with real impact aren’t easy and free. To accomphish it we have to WORK HARD.

While others play Ping Pong and PlayStation in their offices, we work. We Run Businesses.

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